Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What is NSA? - Part 2

Part 2 - The NSA Paradox

How many young attractive SB's have said that most SD's fall in love with her quickly and want to have a serious relationship instead??  As a result, it usually caused the sugar relationship/arrangement to end sooner than expected.

How do most men typically deal with very attractive women?  They become possessive and want to keep her for himself because he’s afraid that she might find someone better.  Being possessive leads to jealousy, insecurity, and being clingy and controlling, which is unattractive and will eventually drive her away.

NSA means not being possessive, it means letting go and not stay awake at night and wonder who she’s with and what she’s doing without you.  By setting her free, it shows the confidence you have in yourself, and she may become more attracted to you as a result.

Thus the NSA paradox – setting someone free without strings may actually make the sugar relationship last longer. 

Act like you’ve dated very attractive woman before.  You appreciate her beauty and personality but you're not overwhelmed or intimidated by it.  She is with you because she wants to be with you, not because you want to keep her to yourself and not only because of the arrangement.

Every time I hear a SB tells me that most men fall for her right away, I reply with: "don’t worry, PYT, as a married family man falling in love with you is a luxury I don’t have."  The same goes for SB's who don't want to consider married SD's because they're afraid to be a home wrecker or break up a marriage.  My response would be "what makes you think that will be the case?"

Young attractive women could date guys her age, and maybe even wealthy ones, and end up with what?  A possessive, jealous, and controlling boyfriend?  Wouldn't she be better off with someone more mature, more established, and someone who knows what NSA is and can set her free...

Coming up - Part 3, Level of Commitment


  1. If you want to hurt the SB's feelings or look like the bigger person then you shouldn't come back with those responses. That shows immaturity a little. Just don't contact her again instead of making her feel small.

  2. While I truly enjoy being desired and to a degree worshipped, the novelty factor of being able to walk all over a man and having him groveling at your feet does only lasts so long. Then it usually quickly turns to annoyance and the clingy SD being a hindrance, instead of a pleasure, to deal with. I am very much an alpha female so silly headgames such as acting like you aren't phased by a girl who looks like a VS model, are also annoying and uneccesary. There has to be a balance between making yourself available to the SB and maintaining distance (and vice versa)